Server Maintenance

Ever go ages without servicing your car? It's okay. We've all done it.

At first, it's no problem. Miss the date on the sticker? No alarm rings. Turn the key? It still goes.

But things wear out. A full tank doesn't go so far. It sounds worse and worse.

Eventually, it stops working.

And you don’t really get to choose when that happens.

Chances are, it will be when it’s least convenient. When you have a million and one things to get done and you don’t have time for this crap.

Now get this

A Server's Not So Different

When it’s in good nick, it tends to work as expected.

But over time, it clogs up with dust. Components wear out. It gets hot. The fan works harder.

Give it long enough, it fries up like bacon and eggs for breakfast.

Still, it keeps on keeping on.

Until it doesn’t.

Once again, you don’t get to pick when this happens. It can happen at the worst possible time.

It can happen right in the middle of a crucial project.. right when you can least afford the downtime.

Ok, maybe you’ve got a spare server to take the load. But here’s the kicker: this is less help than you think.

When you have two servers of a similar age, running in the same conditions, they tend to wear out at the same rate and break at around the same time.

So in the end, you’re still left with a frozen office.

If you grab a calculator, you can easily total up much of the cost. While nothing’s being achieved, you’re still bleeding wages, rent, bills, marketing costs. Don’t forget the cost of emergency callout to repair the server ASAP.

If the tech’s got a predatory streak, he might rub his hands together thinking about what he can get for parts too. He can see you’re in no position to bargain.

Other costs are a bit harder to calculate. Can you really know what it costs you every time you have to tell your best clients they have to wait because the server’s down again? Or the hit your team takes to morale and focus? The crappy energy you go home with when you finally leave the office?

Does this all sound a bit miserable?

Good news

It Doesn't Have to Be Like This

For so much less than what a server failure could cost, we can regularly maintain your servers: keep the hardware going, and the software updated to fix any security problems.

We can fix your problems before they’re a problem.

Breakdowns and failures happen when they happen, but maintenance is something we can plan. So nothing needs to be unplugged or unscrewed until it’s convenient for you – when it won’t disrupt your business.

I know this work backwards. I’ve been maintaining servers for 16 years.

We’ll keep it in good nick so you don’t have to worry about it.

That mean you can spend more time on the things that will grow your business.

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