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Linux? Windows? No Problem

Like most tech geeks, we’re big fans of Linux. When you need the best performance from your hardware, or something very customised, it’s an obvious choice.

From a purely technical point of view, Linux is just better.

But from a business point of view? That’s a bit more complicated.

In a lot of office environments, your priority is for something your tech can set up quickly to play nice with all your other bits and pieces. Here, it’s not always ideal to be wrestling with 10,000 different flavours of Linux, plus all the different package managers and patches and varying hardware support.

This is where a Windows server can make a lot of sense. It’s a bit like a Toyota Corolla – it won’t turn heads at the car show, nor can it win the Grand Prix. But for everyday use, it’s actually pretty good.

And virtual machines mean you can even switch to a different operating system for certain tasks.

Is any of this confusing? That’s okay. We can help you through all of it.

And regardless of whether it makes more sense for you to use Linux or Windows, we’ve had years of experience with both.

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Remote Support

We can configure your server so that we can work on it from our office.

That means a fast response and no call out fee.

That's all win.

Not sure what you need?

Procurement Advice

Hey, we get it – chances are, you’re on our website because your business specialises in something that's not IT. You might not be sure what hardware and software you really need.

And chances are, that's not what you really care about either. What matters to you is the result.

If you have other things to think about, we can advise you on what equipment will do what you need, then install and configure it for you.

So you can get on with growing your business.

Stay safe from harm

Security and firewalls

You wouldn’t go on holiday and leave the keys in the front door.

So why hand the keys to your server to those who wish you harm?

You might be lucky enough to never deal with disgruntled employees or unscrupulous competitors. But that doesn’t help with all those creeps you don’t know from a bar of soap – those guys who want to install ransomware, steal credit card numbers and bank details, or slow your systems to a crawl as they use your hardware to mine bitcoins.

Build to Scale

Avoid Growing Pains

If your systems aren’t built to grow, your business isn’t built to grow either.

With the right configuration of servers and systems, you can scale painlessly as you hire more staff, handle more customers and juggle more balls in the air.

So let’s sort you out with the right IT for today and tomorrow.

Migration Plans

Move to New Servers Smoothly

Migrating to new architecture can be complicated. It can mean hassles and disruptions to your business. But it’s important to get it right, otherwise it might not be too long before you have to do it again.

We can help you through this with the minimum of pain.

We get it

We Understand You are Running a Business

Everything we do is based around meeting your business goals and keeping your workplace productive.

It's about uptime.

A lot of technicians with brilliant computer skills don't understand or value the business implications of their work. They're great with the hardware and the software. But their attitude is that the way that impacts your business is someone else's problem.

Everything we do comes from the understanding that downtime is expensive. That you have things to do. And that your servers and other IT systems are meant to make your life easier, not get in the way.

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