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IT Services Tailored to Your Exact Needs


We Play to Our Strengths

For a trading business with bills to pay, “no” can be a scary thing to say to potential clients.

That's especially true when, with a bit of reading, you could probably work out how to do the thing.

This is how IT businesses end up handling a bunch of different projects that make no coherent sense together. It's how talented technicians end up working on everything but what they're best at.

This gets worse. Throw in a sales team on fat commission, and suddenly they're positioning themselves as experts in anything vaguely computer related.

You need a mobile app? “No problem.”

GPS vehicle tracking? “We can do that.”

Email marketing campaign? “It just so happens that we handle that too.”

The truth is that no small consultancy can be world class at so many different things.

So mistakes happen. Details aren't quite right. Hours blow out.

As your IT infrastructure grows more complex, only one or two things need to go wrong to knock your business out of whack.

That's immense stress - for clients and technicians alike.

We Specialise in Keeping Your Show on the Road

We're about uptime.

We keep your networks, servers and workstations healthy. We keep your data safe and secure. We upgrade your infrastructure smoothly, without disrupting your business. So that your team can keep sending those emails, using the internet, and get their work done.

Of course, just because we are happy to tell you that you need to get certain things elsewhere, doesn't mean we leave you in the lurch. We can help you bring in the right talent. So that everything runs smoothly.

Had it with computer babble?

We Use Plain English

You probably don't want to know every last detail of how everything was configured. We worry about that so that you don't have to.

But still - you'd probably like to have some idea what your technicians are doing on your behalf. Because your business is important to you.

Too important to have your questions answered with arcane jargon that means nothing to you.

This is why we speak plain English. It's about communication.

The right fit

Who We're Looking For

We're a smaller outfit, with only so many hours in the week.

So we can't say yes to everyone - we look for the situations where we have the best chance to add the most value.

And while we're far from Melbourne's most expensive IT support team, we're also not trying to be the cheapest. So if all you really need is a 19 year old to turn your router off and on, then maybe you need someone else.

On the other hand, if you've got more at stake in keeping your systems running than in saving $50 on the bill.. then maybe you've got too much on the line to trust it to junior technicians just starting out in IT.

None of this is to say that you have to go through a long, complicated process before we'll fix what's broken.

We get it: some of you are on our website because disaster has struck. When your situation's urgent, it's urgent - that's just how it is in this industry.

But after we've sorted out the bits that have you in panic, let's sit down and have a proper chat to see how well this would work longer term.

Because it's better for everyone if it's the right fit.

So what are you waiting for?

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