INFOGRAPHIC: Linux vs. Windows for Small Business Productivity

About the Laptop

This laptop is a cheap and cheerful HP 245 G6 with an AMD E2-9000e APU.

The Windows partition has barely been touched, except to install Linux Mint and to install the software required for these tests. The Windows partition has Windows Defender antivirus switched on. Both partitions use Dropbox.

Which Versions of Each Software Package Were Used?

  • Firefox: Both partitions use 67.
  • Slack: Both partitions use 3.4.2.
  • LibreOffice: The Linux partition uses 6.0.7, while the Windows partition uses 6.2.
  • GIMP: The Linux partition uses 2.8.22, while the Windows partition uses 2.10.

Wouldn’t Microsoft Office/Adobe Creative Cloud be the Better Comparison?

I felt that the fairest comparison would be to used popular applications that had versions native to both Linux and Windows, and then to test the exact same operations on the exact same files.

To the extent that both GIMP and LibreOffice are both open source written primarily for the Linux, this may still not be completely unskewed.

Reproduction Rights

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6 thoughts on “INFOGRAPHIC: Linux vs. Windows for Small Business Productivity”

  1. I’ve made the exact experience on the predecessor of your laptop. I have a G5 with a AMD E2 as well at work for network testing. I lovingly call it CrappyHP and it..just…won’t…die!
    Anyway, on this same machine I have Ubuntu 19.04 and with 2 cores dedicated to folding at home it is still very much capable of playing youtube music, browsing some documentation, running network scans and such with minimal laggyness and almost no slowdown(considering the folding part).
    I started this same laptop in Windows recently to run some windows only tool I needed, the experience was almost unbearable. Start menu would open after a few seconds, task manager was slow. Applications in generally suffered from laggyness and unresponsiveness. Was quite dissapointed to be honest knowing how this same laptop behaves in linux. What is a more than usable machine under Linux is completely unusable under windows.
    So here’s a confirmation from a fellow reader that this information is very correct.

    1. Thanks Georgel.

      The bit that this infographic doesn’t really capture was how long it took to update the partition to 1903 and then to install the applications I wanted to test, haha.

      On the other hand, apart from the slow boot, the Linux partition works quite nicely as a very basic productivity machine for word processing, light image editing, SSH terminal and so on 🙂

  2. What about the next test. Starting with a freshly formatted drive. Installing Linux with all updates, to just installing Windwoes. (I presume you time is more precious than waiting for the updates too.)

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