Linux on the Desktop: a Quick Follow Up

Could this really be true? I’m pinching myself.

After such an excruciating effort to install Linux on the Desktop just a few months ago, I found myself having to do it all again.

But this time, it was easy. That’s in large part thanks to a neat little trick I found to install the wireless drivers without wireless internet. We’ll get to that shortly.

I’ve also distro-hopped from Ubuntu Studio to Linux Mint – which means going from Xfce to Cinnamon. I’ll share my thoughts on both changes.

But first, disaster:

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Linux on the Desktop: Are We Nearly There Yet?

The numbers are pretty stark: Linux might be the backbone of everything from embedded devices to mainframes and super computers. But it has just a 2% share of desktops and laptops.

It seems the only way to get most people to even touch it is to rip away everything you recognise as Linux to rebuild it as Android.

Until recently, I was in the 98%. I honestly wasn’t even conflicted. I used Linux most days both for work and for hobbies – but always in the cloud or on one of those handy little project boards that are everywhere now. For my daily driver, it was Windows all the way.

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5 Things Influenza Taught Me About the Evolution of the Desktop Computer

The flu took me completely out of action recently. It hit me pretty hard.

And, as tends to happen with these things, I ended up binge watching more TV and movies in two weeks hidden under a blanket than in 2 years as a member of wider society.

In the most delirious moments, the vicious conspiracy of fever and painkillers gave me no choice but to stick to bad 80s action movies.

When I was a little more lucid, though, I got really stuck into some documentaries around the early days of desktop computing: Computerphile episodes, Silicon Cowboys, Micro Men, Youtube interviews, all sorts of stuff.

Here are the big things that have stuck with me from it:

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