Onsite and Offsite Backup Services

You might feel like a bit of a goose if you lost all your work forever.

Don't even try to deny it

You Can't Always Expect What Will Happen Next

What's life without surprises? They happen all the time, and often they're quite nice: a thoughtful gift, an exciting new opportunity, or coming home to a slap up dinner.

Then there's the other kind: computer hackers, ransomware, power surges, flash fires and floods.

However you lose your data - whether it's foul play or your equipment just breaking - what happens next will always be a lot easier if you've got a copy to restore from.

Seems kinda obvious, right?

But here's the thing: even though we all know you should back up regularly - you've heard the advice a million times - so many business owners still get caught with their pants down.

It happens all the time.

And it's easy to see why. Just like when you stop paying your car insurance, when you let it slide, for a while there's no real consequence whatsoever. It's only when it's too late that the lesson gets brought home.

Cut to measure

The Right Backups to Suit Your Needs

Cloud storages solutions make more sense than ever.

But there's still a role for onsite backups. When you need to restore a lot of data, you might be waiting a while for it all to trickle down your internet connection.

The right mix of solutions to fit your needs will depend on how large your business is and how painful the downtime is.

Not sure where you fit in? That's okay. We're happy to talk you through it.

Be careful

It's a Big Bad World Out There

It's always been essential to make regular backups. That's not a new thing. You never quite know when lightning might strike.

But now there's a new threat. Heard of Ransomware?

It's the billion dollar industry where internet scammers scramble all your data and try to extort a payment from you to get the decryption key.

Let me tell you one thing: nothing takes the sting out of one of these attacks like knowing you've got a safe and secure copy of everything. That's all the power you need to give these creeps the finger. Just walk away and get on with your life, leaving the bad guys holding nothing.

Having Adequate Backups Means Real Peace of Mind

To leave you sitting pretty no matter what the world throws at you - ready to bounce back in a flash from even the very worst - let's chat.

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