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Here's the deal

There are Two Types of Business Owners

Most business owners have no real clear idea of their IT “strategy”, such as it is. IT is more a thing that happens to them than something that can be managed.

It always feels like a problem and never an opportunity.

If you follow this recipe, your IT situation will be a regular annoyance punctuated by the occasional crisis.

You'll keep discovering new problems as you try to grow your business.

And you'll always have a constant nagging feeling that your strongest competitors are leaving you in the dust.

The cold hard truth is that most small businesses never really stops being weighed down by a lack of clear IT strategy.

It's Only a Select Few Who Really Plan Ahead

The guys on the winning team are actually not all that different from everyone else.

Most of them are not especially knowledgeable about IT, or even very interested. They've got a business to run.

And it's not that they never have IT problems. It's just that they never seem to be a huge drama. They bounce back in a flash.


Well, they got it right the first time. They got expert advice for a clear strategy. They built systems that could grow with their business. Problems are rare, because most got solved before they had a chance to happen.

Now be honest

Which of These is You?

Does everything work smoothly for you?

Or are you always surprised by what the next problem turns out to be?

Do you really have an IT strategy for your next few years in business?

Or are IT problems just a thing that happens to you?

Good news: It's like that Led Zeppelin song

There's Still Time to Change the Road You're On

Okay, so maybe you're 100% “in the zone” yet with your IT strategy.

Let's fix that.

Even if you're not yet enough of a big wig or high roller to hire a Chief Technology Officer full time, that doesn't mean you have to face confusing IT decisions on your own.

Here are some of the things we can help you with:

  • Infrastructure Strategy: As your business grows, there's so many ways to set up your IT infrastructure. It's easy to be overwhelmed by all the options. Say you're opening a second office - does this mean you should install a VPN? Or is it time to move everything to the cloud? We'll help you find the best result, with the least disruption to your business.
  • Procurement Advice: Need equipment or services, but confused? We can give your our best advice, completely unbiased by undue influence. We have no commission incentives or other vendor relationships.
  • Candidate Vetting: Looking to hire an IT guy in-house for the first time? It can be so tricky hiring someone to do work that you can't do yourself. That can really weigh on you - because we all know what a massive headache hiring the wrong person can be. It makes sense to have an IT pro in your corner to help you scope who's legit and who's bluffing.

We do this using plain English. That's just how we do things around here. We explain the tech stuff using words that non-techies understand.

And when you speak to one of our consultants, you're speaking to someone with well over a decade's experience of building, repairing and managing workplace IT infrastracture. The recommendations you get are based on this length of experience. It's not just theoretical knowledge - it's what works in the real world.

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