IT Support so Good, You Won't Even Notice it

Ever go to the theatre in Ancient Greece?

Yeah, me neither.

But if you read their plays, you notice they were quite fond of divine intervention.

Things would become worse and worse for the hero, until finally, when all hope was lost, one of the gods would appear and solve everything.

Ba da boom, ba da bing. Sorted.

This plot device came to be known in Latin as deus ex machina - which literally translates as “god from the machine” - so called, because the actors would use a crane to depict the gods on stage.

At DXM Tech Support, we're here to do something similar. We appear on the scene and set things right.

We're here to keep your business running - to keep everything on a smooth and even keel - to make certain that your machines help you get things done and don't get in the way.

It's your business

Safe and Trusted Hands

Between our 3 directors, we boast over 40 years of IT experience.

From small businesses through to schools and government organisations - we've been there, done that.

What you get from DXM Tech Support is a team that has almost certainly dealt with your workplace IT problems before.

The Leadership Team

Head of IT Support

Grant Hamono

Grant is DXM Tech Support's head support technician. In his 16 year career he has kept schools and businesses of all sizes running smoothly.

Grant brings an extensive knowledge of server and desktop platforms, and of network infrastructure planning, development and maintenance. He combines this knowledge with high level research and problem solving skills: it's the right stuff to keep your business running.

Chief Information Officer

Kayne Gray

Kayne is a systems administrator and IT support wizard with 13 years experience. He is our high priest of 24/7 uptime.

Kayne's versatile skillset covers the depth and breadth of Linux servers through to Windows desktops and Point of Sale systems. Having worked in government and small business, he is equally at home managing the technology needs of organisations large and small. He is your go-to guy for everything from planning and procurement, rolling out hardware, or configuring servers.

Technology Evangelist

James Mawson

James has been working in IT for 17 years, in various roles from application development through to web development and digital marketing. James brings with him a broad understanding of digital commerce, and how information technology relates to wider business goals.

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