What's Your IT Health Score?

How healthy is the IT in your business? Fit as a fiddle or sick as a dog?

Answer these few quick questions for your on-the-spot diagnosis.

Do you know what IT problems cost you - in rent, wages, morale, customer relationships and so on - for every hour or every day of lost productivity?

Who is responsible for managing your IT systems?

Have you had a network security audit?

Are you prepared for an unexpected disaster, such as a lightning strike or a computer virus that shuts down all your systems?

If something happened to your office - such as a fire or a roof collapse - would you be able to quickly restore your IT systems somewhere temporary?

How do you go about upgrading to new infrastructure?

How do you help your staff deal with phishing and spear phishing emails?

How fast would your business recover from a ransomware attack?

How often in your work day are you or your staff sitting there waiting for the computer or network to respond?

Does your business have a password policy for all staff?