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Ask yourself

How Much do you Have Riding on your IT Systems?

Whether it's a hardware failure, viruses and ransomware, network issues, email problems, a broken internet connection, or poorly planned system migrations and upgrades..

..when IT issues mean your team can't do their work, your whole business freezes.

Well, not quite your whole business - just the stuff that earns the money.

The stuff that costs you money? Like rent, salaries, marketing costs and so on? That's all still ticking over.

But that's a problem for later. What hits you first is the frustration and tedium.

And the embarrassment of having to make excuses with your hard-won and valued customers.

You're not the only one in the office who feels this way. Your whole team is taking a huge hit to morale and motivation.

After a while, a feeling of “why are we even bothering?” sets in.

Is that really the mood you want to cultivate?

This is the real cost of inadequate IT support. It's not just the lost hours of productivity and the emergency call-out fees. It's the pride your team takes in their work. It's your reputation with your customers.

It's all your momentum gone, while you're left to mutter darkly under your breath, certain in the knowledge that your competitors are at this very moment manouvreing around you, exactly as they would if your engine died in the Grand Prix at Albert Park.

It's how you feel about your day when it's time to go home.

Wouldn't Life be Nicer if Things Just Worked?

That's where we come in.

We're the tech support crew that doesn't just understand your computers - we understand your business priorities - and speak to you in plain English.

Based in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Prahran, we provide friendly and professional IT support to organisations and business across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

We're here to turn your computers, servers, networks, software and hardware from a thing that makes you swear into a thing that makes you smile.

Because we believe that information technology isn't here to make your life worse. It's meant to make things easier.

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive

It's About Uptime

You know the score: when your IT systems are down, your business is down.

But enough doom and gloom. Most of these problems can be fixed before they even happen.

All it takes is the right mix of scheduled maintenance, adequate backups, intelligent security, a proper plan for growth, and an IT support team that's done it all before.

That way, your IT hassles are on the endangered species list. And you can bounce back in a snap from whatever the big bad world throws at you.


What Do Customers Say About DXM Tech Support?

I recently had a problem configuring an IIS server. Grant promptly returned my call, diagnosed my problem and sorted it out in under an hour.
   - Dan Hardison, Business Dashboards Pty Ltd

Our Three Pillars


We know PCs, servers, networks, email and internet connectivity.


We tell it to you straight, using words you understand.


We're the “been there, done that” guys of workplace IT.

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