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Brace Yourselves

Summer is Coming

Do things get slow after Christmas?

Staff go on holidays and so do your customers. You might shut down completely.

That's your chance to sort your IT systems without disrupting your work.

Experience You Can Rely On

All of this work will be either performed or supervised by our Head of IT Support Grant Hamono.

Grant is veteran IT technician and administrator. Since 2002, he’s kept desktops, servers and networks up and running for businesses and government organisations large and small.

Set Yourself up for 2020

Whether you need a network upgrade, a new server, or something else entirely, shoot us a message to organise a chat with Grant, with no further obligation attached.

There's only so much of us to go around though - this is first come, first serve - so act now.

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Who else wants to sort out their IT during the post-Christmas slowdown?

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Ask yourself

What Are Your IT Systems Really Costing You?

The thing that should terrify so many small businesses is they don't even know.

I mean, it's easy enough to see what you're spending on hardware, software and services.

But what about the really big costs? Hardware failure, viruses and ransomware, network issues, email problems, a broken internet connection, or poorly planned system migrations and upgrades..

When your team can't do their work, your whole business freezes.

Well, not quite your whole business. Just the part that earns the money.

The part that costs you money? Like rent, salaries, marketing costs and so on? That's all still ticking over.

This, the hit you take when things break can go untracked for a very long time. And yet it's still very real.

It gets worse. Your projects lose momentum. Your team loses morale. Those customers you worked so hard to win lose respect.

These costs are even harder to track. And yet they, too, take real money right from out of your pocket.

Why do this to yourself?

Life is So Much Nicer When Things Just Work

That's where we come in.

We're the tech support crew that doesn't just understand your computers - we understand your business priorities - and speak to you in plain English.

Based in the inner-Melbourne suburb of Prahran, we provide friendly and professional IT support to organisations and business across the Melbourne metropolitan area.

We're here to give you a few less reasons to swear.

Because running a business is difficult. So at least you can know your computers, servers, networks, software are in experienced and reliable hands.

Stayin' Alive, Stayin' Alive

It's About Uptime

You know the score: when your IT systems are down, your business is down.

But enough doom and gloom. Most of these problems can be fixed before they even happen.

It takes the right mix of scheduled maintenance, adequate backups, intelligent security, a proper plan for growth, and an IT support team that's done it all before.

So put your IT hassles on the endangered species list. Bounce back in a snap from whatever the big bad world throws at you.


What Do Customers Say About DXM Tech Support?

I recently had a problem configuring an IIS server. Grant promptly returned my call, diagnosed my problem and sorted it out in under an hour.
   - Dan Hardison, Business Dashboards Pty Ltd

Our Three Pillars


We know PCs, servers, networks, email and internet connectivity.


We tell it to you straight, using words you understand.


We're the “been there, done that” guys of workplace IT.

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